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TCS job test at KIIT University , Bhubaneswar on 17 set 2011 (HR Question)

My name is Pratik Das. I am an Electrical Engineering student at KIIT University.
TCS visited my campus on 17th September 2011 to recruit students for 2012 batch.

997 students were eligible for the selection procedure.

The procedure comprised of two rounds -



It comprises of 35 simple aptitude questions .
TCS generally follows around 40 patterns of questions which is available in a lot of sites.
These questions are quite tricky.
You will have to practice them well in order to crack the 1st round.
The cut-off is generally around 20.
Negative marking is there. (1/4th of the full marks of the question.)
Try not to guess.Try to answer as many questions as possible.I answered 30 questions correctly.
The written was conducted in slots and the results were also published slot wise.
I applied the written at around 9.30am and got my results at around 4pm.
I was immediately sent for the PI.


There were around 40 panels and the interview was 1 to 1.
My interview lasted for around 25 minutes but that varies (I had friends whose PI lasted for 2-3 minutes also.)

ME - Good evening sir.
HR - Please have your seat.
ME- Thank you sir.

HR - Okay Pratik , tell me something about yourself.
ME - Sir , my name is pratik das , I am 21 years old . I was born and brought up in Bhubaneswar.Coming to my qualities I am honest , hardworking (Stopped me right when i spoke out the word hardworking.)
HR - I think you were hard working.You are not hard working now.

HR - Give me 1 reason why is your CGPA so low when you got 87% in 10th.
ME - Sir , I never found Electrical easy.I was more interested in the software field.So this was the best I could manage.
HR- Okay.So who else is in your family.
ME - Replied.

HR- So your sister works at TCS Thane?
ME - Yes
HR- For how many years?
ME - I replied she has completed 3 years at tcs now.
HR- So you also want to join your sister?
ME- Yes sir.
HR - Thane?
ME - No sir , I would join at any place I get my posting.

HR - Okay choose a topic from where I shall ask you questions.
ME - Programming with C.
HR - Choose an electrical topic.
ME - Sir , I am not very good at electrical but i will try my level best to answer all your questions.I would like to answer questions from MACHINES.

HR- What is a DC generator?
HR - What's an AC generator then?
ME - Told.
HR - What is a Motor?
Me - Told.
HR - What are the Motor Windings?
ME - Told.
HR - Can you draw them ?
Me - I am sorry sir , but i do not remember the diagram.

HR (Left the table for some time and came back after some time.)

HR- I think they will be taking you but what if they don't?
ME - Sir , I think i tried my best but still if there was any mistake , then kindly tell me what it was so that if i get a chance again i will definitely try to rectify it.
HR - Okay tell me what is a transformer?
ME - Answered.
HR- What are the types of transformers?
ME  - Answered
HR- What is a step up transformer?
ME- Answered(But was not sure)
HR - What is a step down transformer?
ME - Answered (Not sure again.)
HR - Can you draw them?
Me -Sorry sir I can't recall.
HR - Okay you may leave.
ME - Thank you sir . It was really a pleasure meeting you.

My PI was over by 7PM on 17th but I had to wait for the results till 9PM on 18th September.
A total of 708 students were selected from my college and I was one of them.
My advice for cracking TCS is - Practice all possible written questions as many times as you can for they give lengthy questions with irrelevant it would take a lot of practice to solve them quickly.You will get 1 Hours time to complete the 35 questions.Try to answer around 30 questions because the final result is comprised of WRITTEN SCORE + PI SCORE.(Heard from our faculty)
For PI - Just be yourself.
Trust me you may prepare a lot but nothing comes out at the spot.
Also try to prepare your basic papers.
Students were also asked questions like Where do u see urself in 5 years ; I do not like you face , I won't select you ; You are not mentally strong ; What if you don't have good terms with 1 of ur team members.
Be prepared with a positive answer for these type of questions.
They also might put you in stress so try to be calm through out the procedure.
That's it all the very best for TCS Drives.
See you there.


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