Thursday, February 7, 2019

How to Secure your Account in Social Media Sure Short solutions

How to make out if someone has hacked you account in all social media:

For long time Gmail has feature that allows you to see whether your account is logged in several locations
The feature also allows you to securely log those locations out if you detect if someone has logged into
your account as the activity to hack you account.
But the demerits of social media is there is no such provision for to make sure that anyone is accessing into your account as Facebook and Twitter.
For Twitter
So, I am sharing which might help you .You can see the twitter login history by going to setting> Your Twitter Data You will able to enter the password before you can get access to the information.
When you enter into your account and now if you want to see who is logging into your account without your access,look for instance of
To revoke access to any of the apps listed,go to setting>Apps and you can know who is accessing to your account you think suspicious.
For Facebook
On Facebook ,you can view similar thing by going to settings>security clicking Edit can show all the active sessions on the Facebook.With Facebook you can also receive a notification if anyone is logging into your account without your concern by the process you have to go to Login Alerts and select whether you want to go to the Facebook notification if that occurs.
Both of the Facebook and Twitter have a good feature that can make you know whether your account is safe or not ,like the two-factor authentication which is bundle by both so the thing you have to do is active the feature with your Phone and the code received on your verified phone to log into your account on a new device
This how you can keep your account safe and secure…

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