Thursday, February 7, 2019

You Can Now Book an Uber Cab Without Using Uber App

Indian Uber Cab users have some good news, as Uber now allows a user to book cabs without the App.

If the user doesn’t have Uber app and wishes to book a cab, then one can visit from any mobile browser and can book their cab right away. The user needs to attend some instructions for registering moreover which the website allows them to book their cab.Here, a user can login using his/her phone number, select the desired destination, get the fare estimate and book a ride without the app installed on your phone.
Though the browser app does not display the location map that features the location of the closest cabs available. However, the online portal shows the time required for the nearest cab to reach the user and also displays the minimum fare, per km fare and payment time.There is also a bonus new feature called  “Request a ride for others” which is the ability to book rides for colleagues or friends. The process is same as if you are booking a car for yourself, except that you lead the Uber driver to the location of the person you made the booking for.
Also,there is an option of making the payment online itself or grant the person pay in cash once the person reached his/her desired destination. Once booked, the rider you have booked it for will receive a text message with the location details, and a web address which they can tap to open in the phone’s web browser and track the location of the car assigned to them.
This newly introduced service is currently available in selected cities, including Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur. The company has not yet clarified whether it expects to introduce this service in other cities later or not.
Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp Travis Kalanick – Uber,cab aggregator, provides services for booking cabs , Uber began its service in India in the year 2014 and is operated by Uber Technologies Inc.Recently, Uber has been coming with new tactics as per the demands and the current market situation in India in order to advance before Ola, its local competitor. The company claims that they acquired 40 percent of the market share in India.The company is facing a lot of struggle with the state government authorities in India which are issues related to surge pricing in Delhi and Bangalore.

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