Thursday, May 30, 2019

Fantastico Short Story-II

The episodes will have the motto “Buy hope & Get dreams Free” & “Timing is never right, time is right”.

Every story will be cycled to the co-incidental circumstances of human beings stuck in the daily
problems. The characters will be designed/sketched considering the metaphysical theme in mind
where an ideal invisible character (own conscience) inside him/her & it’s called as Magic lantern.
Every human being has that power to overcome the fear inside taking out the MAGIC LANTERN
outside to lighten up their life. The struggle is mandatory for each & every living creature on earth.
The man is tired of his commuter life of job-home-job, the wife being just house wife-mother-
grandmother, boy wants to be guitar player rather than a pilot, girl wants to go abroad for higher
education; but it’s a matter of faith they got to keep on themselves.

The positive synopsis of every story will be focused on Children education stress, Youth Depression,
Money matters troubles, Emotional Solitude, Loneliness, Personality Disorders, Physically
handicapped, etc. The Protagonist is the conscience (faith & hope) inside the victim but the antagonist
will be the general issues (person, thing, materialistic) which create a barrier for him to come out with
flying colors
‘Dropping their Drawbacks’ they glow & grow with the situation fulfilling their dreams because it’s
never about the destiny it’s about hope.
These short stories will be surrounded by the layer around the human: Selfishness, Mercy,
Cunningness, Cult, Guilt, Faith, Hope, love, etc. So the ultimate ambition of them is just to behave
accordingly & not to take any uncertain-unexpected steps but to grab the opportunity that comes at
its specific right time.

Kyuki ‘hope hi he sabse badi tope’…..


The Gujarati word ‘Gillinder’ simply means a young kid who is smart, wise, clever & cute enough to
make other people fool & have fun for oneself, having the capacity & capability to perform any tough
task given.
The story takes the first gear when his Father has left the home leaving him, his 2 brothers and his
mother. Since he was 4, he began to take care of his family expenses by throwing newspaper,
working in cycle store, selling cashew nuts & experiencing almost every profession in his village-

The race against life starts when he comes to know that his father had indebted money from the
villagers & they will have to pay them all. Satish didn’t want to run though he was premature of 9;
he could certainly understand the situation looking at his mother & two younger brothers.
The Gillinder justifies the title showing his immense effort in making the family stand up again after 25
years of the struggle.
Satish surprises his son (Ravi-9 years old) saying “I am going to tell you what your father used to do
when he was 9 “.

The whole idea of this was to nurture his son with the Reality of life & to let him know all materialistic
cum emotional things. Ravi is surprised after every experience he listens of his father being: most
notorious unlike him, adventurous journey of education though studied till 4th standard, worked hard
like anything & much more.
Gillinder becomes nostalgic but looking at his present he forgets again he remembers that he had no
childhood like normal children, didn’t have any demands to get fulfilled by anyone; as the ultimate aim
was to earn 2 meals a day for 4 people.
This narration is about a Father to Son bonding making self-realization of unforgettable and
unexpressed moments of Satish’s life.

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