Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Spy SMS On Your Employees’ Phone

Corporate culture is facing a multidimensional threat from external and internal forces. Businesses operate in oblivion of being shut down at the verge of negligence, and not merely a lack of acumen. The importance of employees towards the fraternity of a firm is significant, so is the reason to monitor their activities. You as an entrepreneur should be aware of the underlying water cooler or lunch break conversations, but how? Using XNSPY’s spy SMS app.

Endless Conversations, One Portal—XNSPY
No matter how big the workforce is, XNSPY provides an integrated account management for all your
employees’ smartphones within a single account log in. the simple and enhanced interface provides
for the best consumer experience. Even someone with a mere knowledge of internet can use the
software to track SMS activity of their employees.

  • Other Benefits
There are many other uses of XNSPY. It’s a powerful SMS tracker that can act as a remote control to
the target device. So you can access almost everything from your employees’ phone. Read IM
conversations from Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber or Skype anytime because there a back-up is
created, moment the app is installed in phone.

  • The Most Effective GPS Tracker
What else can you expect from a SMS monitoring app? XNSPY is a fully functional GPS tracker that
can access the current location of the target device and location history. So if you have been busy in
some important meetings and didn’t get the time to check on your employees, open the XNSPY’s
control panel before going to bed and get all the location logs.

Also it’s a great tracking app for delivery businesses. Geo-fencing will keep your delivery guys on the
right track. All you have to do I mark authorized routes and areas for them and whenever they breach
the NO-GO zones, you will be alerted through a notification on the control panel
  • Your Company’s Savior

When employees are not honest, they can hurt your company, by sharing company’s secrets to the
rivals. Keeping a check on their phones gallery and emails will ensure that they are not conspiring
against you.
Employee monitoring is now just like a norm and XNSPY’s spy SMS app is a wise decision for saving
your company from heavy losses that can be prevented.

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