Thursday, May 30, 2019

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution With These 4 Technologies

While nearly half of all Americans regularly make New Year’s resolutions, less than 10 percent actually follow through with their goals. If you’re determined to stick to your resolutions in 2017, check out these four new technologies that might give you the extra motivation you need to stay on track.

Weight loss and improved fitness serve as two of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to shed a few extra pounds, or perhaps you’d like to walk more often and change your sedentary lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, you might experience more luck with weight loss-related goals if you use the latest technology.
For instance, you can use your Apple Watch to track your exercise goals. It can count your steps, monitor your sleep, and tell you how far you’ve run or walked. Plus, it keeps track of your heart rate so you can meet your target, and you can even name your workouts and save the data. Over time, you’ll see how much you’ve improved since January 1.
Take your smartwatch to the gym, too. It can recognize different machines, from treadmills to elipticals, and monitor your progress. The more you use your smartwatch, the better it adapts to suit
your needs.
Technology can also help you save money if you hope to become more frugal in the New Year. Smartphone apps like Myvelopes, for instance, put your cash into virtual envelopes. Each envelope contains money for a specific purpose, such as your rent or mortgage payment, car payment, utilities, or groceries.
These apps can also track your incoming and outgoing cash so you know exactly how you’re spending your paychecks. Sync your credit cards, checking and savings accounts, and other financial instruments so you can see all items in one convenient place. This is ideal for people who prefer using plastic to pay or who don’t want to leave real envelopes full of cash in the house.

Working out takes more than just willpower — it also requires time. If you’re like many Americans,
you pack every minute of your day with activities, from work and family obligations to that much-
deserved hour of television in the evening. Fortunately, new technologies for simplified workouts
emerge every year.

Check out Activ5, for instance. It’s an isometric device that you can fit in your purse, laptop case,
or any other bag. There’s an associated app as well as a smartphone or tablet stand to go with it.
The device itself acts as resistance for strength workouts, whether you’re sitting in your cubicle at
work or watching the latest episode of “Orange Is the New Black.”

Essentially, you use the Activ5 device and your own body to add resistance to any type of strength
training workout. For instance, you can put it on the floor under your hand or foot during a yoga
routine. The smartphone app comes loaded with five-minute workouts so you can easily fit strength
training into your schedule.

These days, your online activities can cost you a job or give an ex a window into your life. If you’re
determined to scrub your online footprint and manage the information that others can find about you,
take advantage of the latest technologies in online security.
Use an app to generate secure passwords, for example, so nobody can hack your accounts. Delete social media accounts that you never use. Alternatively, make them private so you can control who sees them. Change the screen name you use on message boards and other online forums to a word or phrase that doesn’t identify you.

If you want to cut down on your screen time, use an app that disconnects your device from the
internet after a certain amount of time passes. If you hope to make better use of technology,
consider investing in a tablet that you can carry with you. The larger screen might work better for
certain apps than your smartphone.
Keeping your New Year’s resolutions will help you stay positive throughout 2017. Use these
technologies as motivational and convenience tools.

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